Your connexion to the cosmos is reiterating.

COSMIC is this breath, this soul involved in a cultural, literary and artistic collective regrouping creators and thinkers sharing a similar vision and wander opened on humanities and their cultures.

This movement claims ideas and process induced by the notions of transcendence, mysticism, ecstasy, modified states of consciousness, alter reality, apperception of cosmic phenomenon, as many tools for the revendication for the quest of a primordial aesthetic and a return to the Kosmos.

The society within we are evolving isn’t close to the revolutionary ideas from the 19th and 20th centuries.. New technologies have surfaced and have prompted, provoked and renewed those possibilities of metamorphosis. We urge to counter the suffocation of al of these flowering windows throughout a critical and humanist report. The creation, the symbolic lecture and physical and mental free spaces become, drowned into environment gaining every second more austerity, a call to debate, a necessity of reflexion, a vital urgency.

Art in his every form should be share between all; it is the nourishment of the sensitive and the transcendental inherent to the human. The expansion of imaginary and utilization of the invisible, of the dissenter, of the introspective, of the inter-subjective are definitively ontological. What Ethos got the artist then? An absolute criticism of the rational and Prométheist prevailing fundaments of occidental civilization is opening his arms to us. We immerse ourselves in the aesthetic. We live the cosmological de-cohesion of the human.

Creators and thinkers of this collective are the heirs, the recipients of the hope and thought of the counter cultures and movements which saw in the indescribable, int the poetry and the art, the possible appearance of freedom as a solution to the domination. Is this not a sufficient reason to want taking back the dream fury in our cultures?