Alasdair Mc Camy

Illustrator, silkscreen printer and self taught artist.

Coming from the area of Paris and having begun to work in printing studios at the age of 18, he has opened his own silkscreen laboratory, the Lakav studio, and has evolved in the Parisian squat universe, making series of flyers, tee-shirt, stickers and micro-edition inspired from his drawings. 

His graphic universe illustrates a raw, subjective perception of his distorted and codified environment by his unconsciousness to, afterwards, transcribe it through automatic drawings.

Marijana Marinković - NoM

Marijana Marinković (1991, Serbia), visual artist, graduated on the Faculty of Fine Arts in Belgrade at the department of Printmaking. 

Her work transposes the communication of internal personal fears and their acceptance between the part of the anime and the artist itself.

Lucas Ngo

After have studying comic art at Saint-Luc Bruxelles, he went to the European superior School of Image ( EESI ) at Angoulême where he has been graduates in 2017.


He works on memory, deals with erasure. He also approaches Doppelänger to generate other « I », those « I » blocked between presence/absence. The muse is important in his process so he can work on a subject until exhaustion, until to have the impression to made everything about this one and to continue as long he doesn’t get this feeling.

As a Russian doll, reusing process is emerging in his work and he does researches on it. 

Hyacinthe François

Convinced that drawing is at the origin of the transformation from the real into imaginary and imaginary into real, his artworks are about to highlight a relation between those different spaces. He uses as artistic support the line and the matter, like the lines from a drawing create a space, how the latter into space create the drawing. It is a dialogue that constitute our world, the metamorphosed matter, the introduced imaginary. 


The process of fabrication of his projects exploit manual technics and directly on the medium, they offer the freedom to modify forms, to draw the object on the process.


Those elements push him to reduce the border between surface and space, to apprehend the matter as a drawing and the drawing as matter. 

Ivan Murit

Ivan Murit manipulates shapes and colours through computer programming. He composes systems which create forms. His interests and researches in visual field and sciences brought him to use algorithms taken from nature scientific models, putting into perspective the way we produce culture. His works often take the form of production process, tools or installations.

Valentine Vera

Maybe she would like to be born, as Mowgli, abandoned in a creek in the middle off the jungle. The Valentine’s universe draws a lot out from jungle and nature. 

The animal skin is a big inspiration source for her, she devotes her research on the theme : “skin changing”. She practices those transformations on models first, with make up, gradually the make up becomes prosthesis, and prosthesis are accompanied with costumes and real skins. She drops the serpent skin shed on her skin and works the forsaken fish skin.

These interests for the “exotic” animals, she owes it from her childhood spent in Latin America, and from her origins. Daughter of a nicaraguan mother and a Uruguayan father, her youth is influenced by those round trips between the two continents. 

In her early life, she is creating a tight bond between her and the painting. After several years in the consumer studies, she begins fine art studies, and diversifies her practice all about her universe of predilection. 

Since the late 2017, she takes back her iguana costume and makes appearances into various spaces and events. This costume allows her to bring the animal presence in the human world and to explore the links between people, character and public. 

Jeff D. Zign

    Jeff is a visionary artist from Paris, self taught since 2000 in computer graphics, he did his studies in cinematographic direction and analyse in drawing and Game Design. After have worked with new technologies in video game firms, his pleasure and chalenge was to confront this next-gen approach with spiritual, psychedelic and shamanic experiences. He assimilates the untouchable world with the new technologies and the modern science. It is on elf the reasons that have pushed him toward those digital tools. He created Jeff D. Zign in the late 2013 to be able to express himself in this fantastic and psychedelic visionary art, keeping his modern style that mixes representative bodies and abstract visions. 

Darko Vukić

Visual artist (1992, Serbia). Graduated Painting and Transmedia research department at Faculty of Fine Arts

in Belgrade, where he enrolled PhD program.

Interested in exercising critical reasoning in art and education. Ideas of multiplication, problems of reception

and memory concerning the produced works. Deeply occupied with the issue of transparency, as opposed to

the hermeticism of works which are drowning in landscape of cultural hegemony. I steer my work in the

direction of logical polylemmas, where the number of questions and options is increasing, as is the inability

of generating them. The key motives are bound to the local ontological horizon, from which I tend to

concretize them, all to create chances for their development shifts. That usually correlate with the immersive

state of not upholding, self–body; other–it.

Adriana Boto

Adriana Boto is a photographer born in the south of Portugal and who lives now at Paris. After have been graduated from the ETIC school in Lisbon, she came in France to continue her photographer carrier and exhibit her pieces, among others in the théâtre de Verre in Paris and at the Taverne Gutenberg in Lyon. Specialised in the digital, she works this media since childhood, and make her inspiration growing during her many travels. Her works is about the body, fixed, in pose, ou in movement, and about its interactions with the. Matter, with the water; but also about the instant of an expression, about the revelation of a state through the image which is seising this moment. 

Sophie Durand

Sophie Durand is an emerging artist from Perth, Western Australia her practice extends from the intersection of sculpture and performance art and draws from anecdotal histories and archives for subject matter. Beginning with an artefact or object, Durand employs processes of appropriation (formal and contextual) in attempts to active meaning and gesture towards and develop narratives. The content of Durand’s works often encompass the negotiation of this process of appropriation. Durand’s artworks have time relationships or are site specific and different forms are negotiated throughout the production process in order to best gesture towards meaning, or reveal subtleties or hidden aspects within the work. Currently Durand is interested thematically in broad and general ideas of: place/space, time, the intersection of time and space, mobility, memory/history, souvenirs and theatre. Her formal concerns include: expanded sculptural practice, the intersection of installation and exhibition, and the use of theatre as a formal frame for art production. Durand’s practice is informed by production methodologies observed by Nicholas Bourriaud and is theoretically and formally underpinned by ideas of place in relation to exhibition and installation practice. In 2015 Durand Graduated from Curtin University with First Class Honours and the Studio Prize. In 2016 Durand undertook a 6 month residency at the Fremantle art centre, exhibited in “All Seeing Eyes by the Beige Garden Bed” at Pet Projects, and at Seventh Gallery, Fitzroy VIC for her solo exhibition “Where Two Oceans Meet: Selected Histories of Flinders Bay” and alongside Magali Rifflart-Villeneuve collaboratively produced “The Light and The Heavy” a multimedia installation and artist book in Zalaegerszeg. Hungary.

Shaun Prior

Shaun Prior is an artist and writer in Perth, Australia. His multimedia practice encompasses video, performance art, drawing and poetry. He constantly seeks to fill gaps and silences in audiences' conceptions of the world. He tries to build bridges between beauty and ugliness, horror and humour, the sexual and the nonphysical. Since finishing his degree in 2014, his practice has been predominantly devoted to exploring gender, masculinity, sexuality and the male body in surreal, humorous, confronting and mystical ways.

Clarisse Dumas

Clarisse is a West Indies native artist who, after have studied in the Louvre school at Paris, preparing his master of Art and International Creation in La Sorbonne, before going a year at NYU, New York. She works on the idea of imperceptible, raising time and being which are indissoluble and initial to the birth of consciousness. Her ambition is to reveal a seminal myth on the image reign which could reconcile photography and a medium considerate as “ poor “. She uses drawing, structure in perception and comprehension of the world and linked to spirituality because derived from an aspiration as ancient as humanity. Drawing seems deeply attached to the invisible, making clear what is hidden under the surface.

Thibaut Daelman

Graduated from the university Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne in 2016, his artistic researches have been exported twice in the United States. He has participated to The Senior Project in visual arts à Columbia University in New York City in 2013. Right after this program and has validated his first year of his master in France, he has got the chance to go back to New York City to integrate an entire year at the New York University (NYU) within a second exchange program. Thanks to that, he was in two scholar exhibitions (December 2014 : Normal Exhibition, Steinhardt Gallery – March 2015 : Translation, Commons Gallery). Since then, according to several interventions and exhibitions (in the past and in the future), his video/sound practice is mashing up with a performative one, always concerned by object and poetry.

Mathieu Legrand-Losfeld

After a five degree at the art school of Perpignan in 2010, he begins his artistic career into a national and international level (European night of museums 2011, 2012, Perpignan ; MRAC Sérignan ; Drawing Room, Montpellier ; Arts on Paper, Bruxelles ; Ingravid, Figueres ; Arts Santa Monica , Barcelone ; biennale of young creators Mulhouse 015). He continues a curator career in an association he has co-founded whose the action is to promote and produce scene artwork in Languedoc. He integrates in 2013 the teaching group at the art school of Perpignan, in which he will be in the educational leadership. After the closing of this school, he integrates a second year of master at Paris 1- Panthéon La Sorbonne to prepare a PHD in art and science of art.

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